What is happening in Brazil? Persecution of Christians, just as it’s been happening since the beginning.

Whenever I see minority groups of Brazilian society organizing themselves to attack Christian symbols, without any fear of retaliation, of aggression, or anything else from society, I feel an enormous strength in my faith.

In what other religion can someone attack its most sacred symbols and people and absolutely noting happens to him or her? And please keep in mind that we’re talking about a nation that is said to be mostly Christian. In the last Census (2010), 64.6% of the population identified themselves as Catholics and 22.2% as Protestants.

Paradoxically, Christianity has been under attack in Brazil. Las Sunday (Jun., 6th, 2015), there was a march in São Paulo (the largest and most populous city in Brazil) where so many acts of disrespect towards Christianity and the Christian faith were seen.

When it comes to genuine Christianity, we all know that it has always expanded against weapons, against aggression, against persecution.

It is true that what happens in Brazil, where naked women are dressed as Jesus Christ and others engage with admirable creativity in attacking our sacred symbols, is nothing compared to what Christians suffer in other places.

Only in the twentieth Century, there were more Christians killed just because of their faith than in all other centuries combined. In some countries, as we know, having a Bible is a crime punishable by death penalty.

What are the results of all of this? Well, growth in the Christian faith.

It happened in the first century and this is what is happening in nowadays. The Truth of Christianity prevails in an environment in which many feel comfortable to say whatever they want against Christ, against the Bible, and even against other Christians.

The radical Christian is not the one saying “I’ll kill in the name of the Messiah”, but the one that says “I am ready to be killed for Jesus”. As Paul said, “to live is Christ, to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21).

It has to be reminded that the Bible does not ask anyone to believe in it by force, or by any imposition. Christianity does not expect us to simply accept what is written in the Bible. It says that we must first carefully examine what the Scripture says (John 5:39), analyze and study the truth of God’s words and, more impressively still, the Bible says that we should be able to know the reasons for our faith (1 Peter 3:15).

So that the question is: should we hate those who attack our faith?

I do not think so. First, because being in a position of been attacked by our faith is part of the genuine Christianity. Second, because we were all there at some point in the past.

We must, above all, pray for these people. We must ask God to raise up men and women to, through love, show them that there is another way.

So I suggest that when we look at pictures of some many disrespecting our faith, we should make an effort to not let grow in us any feeling of anger, but a feeling of urgency. Let’s all pray with a sense of urgency; let’s do evangelism with a sense of urgency; let’s love those who we consider truly unlovable with a great sense of urgency.

Urgency! These people should know that if they do not change and incline their hearts towards God, at the end of the day it’ll be their will that will be respected by God. And these people may conclude too late that this was not a wise will.

One thing is certain: God will never force people who do not want to be in their presence to live forever with Him.

If you feel yourself attacked by these images, remember that unimaginably more than you may be feeling right now, Jesus suffered when He was humiliated, attacked, slandered and killed on the cross for all of us. And what Christ has done about it? He asked the Father to forgive them, for they didn’t what they were doing. The situation here is the same.

The opportunity for those who want to live eternally with God is still available to anyone (Salvation Prayer), but not everybody chooses to be with God.

We must learn to understand the situation and the position of those who chose not to be with God. We must learn to realize what are the influences under which these people act and direct their lives. Our ultimate weapon is calling love and prayer.

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God bless us all,

Tassos Lycurgo