I share 96% of my DNA with Monkeys. So, is the Bible wrong?

There is a striking similarity between human and chimp DNA. Although the exact percentage is debated, the majority of experts will agree that it is around 96%. What? So can we say that we are almost equal to apes? Yes, from the perspective of DNA, the answer is positive.

What only few know is that we are also very similar to other animals. The mouse DNA, for example, is around 90% equal similar to ours. And it does not end there. To give you an idea, our DNA similarity with, say, a banana, is around 50%. Yes, you are half banana. No offenses, of course.

What I want to make clear is that the issue is not about our DNA similarity to monkeys, rats or bananas. We share almost the same DNA, but does it mean that we all, from bananas to human beings, came from the same ancestor? Of course not. Let me explain.

Evolutionists claim similarity is a proof of evolution. They are not wrong claiming that there is a similarity. They are wrong in the interpretation they give to this similarity. Do you know why? It is so because this similarity is also expected to happen from a Christian worldview, that is, the worldview the Bible offers.

In order to be able to explain this point in a better way, let me give you an example of what occurs in the visual arts. When experts discover an unknown painting and try to study it in order to be able to determine who was the painter, they look for something in special. Do you know what it is? They look exactly for the similarity between that painting and a few others that they already know the authorship. Experts will examine the brush strokes, the ink composition, style, etc. Once stated that there is a high degree of similarity between this painting and other that is known, they are quick say: the painter is the same, the works are products of the same creator.

Just like that is the creation. The creator of humans, monkeys, mice, bananas and everything else that exist in the universe (including the universe itself, time, space and even natural laws) is one and only one: God. How shouldn’t we expect there not to be similarity in all his creation? Those that don’t expect similarity in the creation according to the Bible are not using the criteria that science itself uses to identify the paintings by the same painter, the sculptures by the same sculptor, the texts by the same writer, in short, the works by the same creator.

Evolutionists are wrong because their worldview demands that they seek a common ancestor. The ideology carried out by scientists blurs the correct interpretation of the facts. To get an idea, I will present an example of how ideology blinds science.

Dr. Tim Berra is Professor Emeritus of Biology, Ecology and Evolution at the prestigious University of Ohio, USA. He published a book called “Evolution and the Myth of Creationism.” To my surprise, in order to prove the evolution hypothesis to be correct and that Creationism to be a myth, he writes in his book an example that in my opinion proves exactly the opposite. See if you agree with me.

The example is about a car known as the Chevrolet Corvette, which was the first sports car produced entirely in the USA and that, if I’m not mistaken, is still manufactured today. Dr. Berra says the following: “if you compare a 1953 and a 1954 Corvette, side by side, then a 1954 and a 1955 model, and so on, the descent with modification is overwhelmingly obvious.” Is that right?

Prior to addressing the question, in order for you to be able understand it better, I ask you to pay attention to the following drawing, representing what Dr. Berra is using as an example:


Can you foresee where we’re going? Dr. Berra’s example is an excellent example for creation, for how things really are, although someone may have a different perspective. I’ll explain.

Note that the 1954 model cannot be considered a descent in a evolutionary sense because it was creating by an intelligent mind. Both the 1953 and 1954 are independent creations by an intelligence mind, in the case, by the mind of the engineers. It is true that the 1953 model as well as the 1954 one have many similarities (as do men and monkeys), so it’s easy to close your eyes to the truth and think that one model descends biologically from the other, according to the evolutionary worldview. The truth is, however, that they are both products of an intelligent designer. The change in model 1954, I repeat, was due to the action of an intelligent designer, not to a hypothetical process of natural selection, though it may give this idea if you look at the facts through the ideological lens of evolution.

The same thing happens with living things. Although men and monkeys enjoy similarity in their DNA, their changes are not the result of any process of natural selection, but a result of a higher intelligence that created them differently (though similar) for different purposes.

My DNA is 96% equal to the monkey DNA and the Bible is correct: the same creator created us, so we can see the His fingerprints in each of his creations.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to write them in the comments below.

God bless,

Tasso Lycurgo